June 1, 2011

a little saunter in manly....

this is a tilt-shift time lapse i've been working on around the northern beaches in sydney

hey june

after days of rain in sydney people walk the corso at manly beach during a break in the bad weather

January 9, 2011

sunday arvo sess

surfers walk down the sand for an afternoon surf at freshwater beach

January 7, 2011

rebel scum

a storm trooper patrols the corso by bondi beach

January 3, 2011


people relax at bondi beach before heading back to work in 2011

January 1, 2011

inflatable resolution

a woman walks with her inflatable couches by the seaside at shelly beach in manly

November 3, 2010

bon voyage

passengers look out over sydney from the deck of the 'oriana' cruise liner

October 22, 2010

surf patrol

a woman and her dog relax and watch the ocean down at dee why beach

October 1, 2010

praying lotus

a man walks out of the baha'i house of worship in delhi

September 30, 2010

marble man

a worker renovates a marble column at the red fort in old delhi


two men talk as they walk across a large courtyard in agra

September 28, 2010

trigger finger

a security guard holds his gun in delhi

delhi dink

a man gives a lift to a passenger through defence colony in delhi

September 19, 2010

28 days later

an eerie empty sydney harbour bridge on a sunday morning

September 14, 2010


a man walks through manly corso in the rain

September 13, 2010

stair stare

a commuter pushes his bike up a staircase onto the bicycle path on the sydney harbour bridge

September 6, 2010

gone fishing

a man fishes on a beach at sunset in sydney

September 1, 2010


people take in the views of sydney harbour from the central icon of the city...the sydney opera house

August 31, 2010

pacific star

boats bask in the sun on one of the last days of winter at lavender bay

August 24, 2010

rock pool

a warm winter's day at the rock pool - north bondi

August 23, 2010

August 20, 2010

carbon footprint

various prints in the sand - balmoral beach

August 1, 2010

walk the dog

a man walks his dogs along a jetty at lake wanaka

July 30, 2010

braving winter

this is a tree at the very peak of the crown range in central otago on new zealand's south island...for those who have driven the windy road you will recongnise the loan tree situated next to the country's highest sealed road

July 28, 2010

terminal b

a driver stands waiting for his clientele in terminal two arrivals hall at johannesburg international airport

July 21, 2010

the herd

a herd of elephants drink at a watering hole in kruger national park

July 19, 2010

the treker

a treker spots for leopards on the front of a four wheel drive at edeni game reserve in the drakensberg escarpment in northern south africa

July 18, 2010


dungeons big wave surf spot breaks off kalk bay in capetown

July 17, 2010


a woman sits on top of table mountain and takes in the view of capetown below

July 16, 2010

local delicacie

a woman prepares sheep heads for dinner in the township of langa on the outskirts of capetown. langa was established in 1923 and was a designated community for black africans before the apartheid era

July 15, 2010

soft sand run

penguins run up the beach at boulders beach in simon's town

July 14, 2010

jazz and blues

a man walks past the blues street cafe in long street on a rainy day in capetown

July 13, 2010

dead calm

the sun rises over gaasnbai as people watch great white sharks lurk below

July 12, 2010


an entertainer walks a tightrope at sunset on camps bay beach

SERIES II - the bronx

a man walks down the pavement in downtown capetown

May 20, 2010

the saunterer

a year has passed and the project is complete..wandering around five countries sharing my experience...next time you go for a walk bring a camera along and capture the unexpected

palm sugar

a woman walks past a cafe in bronte

May 19, 2010

jay gee

the james craig is illuminated by the sun reflecting on city skyscrapers on a perfect afternoon following several days rain in sydney


a man reads names on a welcome wall at the national maritime museum

May 18, 2010

predicted precipitation

heavy showers continue to fall over sydney with rain forecast all week

May 17, 2010

five below average

sydney experiences a wet and cold autumn day

May 16, 2010


the pacific jewel heads out to sea on a voyage

May 15, 2010


jessica watson sails through the heads in sydney flanked by watercraft after circumnavigating the world solo at age sixteen

May 14, 2010

love nest

the exterior of a funky house in dover heights

May 13, 2010

coffee card

a man walks down kent street in the sydney cbd

May 12, 2010


a bunker is illuminated by a flood light at a par three golf course in sydney's north

May 11, 2010

needs tlc

an abandoned room inside the middle head battery. the fortress was built in 1871 and was one of a network of 'outer harbour' defences designed to fire at enemy ships as they attempted entry into sydney harbour through the heads

asx200 gains 100

men talk shop by a club house at balmoral beach

May 10, 2010

txt shdw

a man text's on his mobile phone as he walks through north sydney

May 9, 2010

pumpkin patch

a woman buys a pumpkin at the newcastle farmers market